Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Twenty-Two - Banksy Strikes Again?

Now the last thing that this project should turn into is something that is considered "one note." I say that knowing full well that this is my fourth post in three weeks about graffiti / street art, but I simply could not let this one pass. I've long been a fan of a Brit artist named Banksy. Spend some time on his website, and it is impossible not to dig at least some of his pieces, nearly all of which are plastered on public places in major cities across the world (mostly London). This is guerrilla art, saying things it shouldn't say, and on display where it shouldn't be.

Recently, I've read on Chicagoist that Banksy's work has been popping up all over Chicago. While I'm not entirely sure if the pictured work is a legit Banksy, it certainly looks like it. If this is not a Bansky piece, it is no doubt inspired by the world's most famous street artist. This faceless firestarter adorns the west side of a viaduct wall along Elston near Wabansia. While the meaning of this piece is certainly lost on me, I believe public displays of art of this caliber are valuable contributions to the city. I hope the public works department never gets around to whiting out this addition to an otherwise blah stretch of Elston. That would be the true act of vandalism in this case...

UPDATE - Not a Banksy... part of a local artist CRO's Run, Blago Run! series. Blago face gone from this piece now... Blago hair remains...


  1. Someone came into my store today and I kept hearing them say, "Banksy!" and that they needed to go take a picture of it before it got covered up. I hope they make it, and if not, I will refer them to yours. Thanks for capturing this.

  2. The piece pictured isn't Banksy. That piece is from a Chicago artist named Ray Noland (aka CRO), who also did the Run, Blago, Run pieces. Similar style though.

  3. Thanks Zach, I learned that earlier today as well..