Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day Thirty - The Tourist

Today was an absolutely astoundingly beautiful spring day in The City That Works, so I took a break from my office bound day and walked through Millennium Park. The park was teeming with tourists (or people who appeared to be tourists). In four years working in a building adjacent to Millennium Park, I can count the times I've just walked through the park for fun in the middle of the day on one hand (this excludes attending several shows at the Pritzker Pavilion after work; Decemberists, Andy Bird, Death Cab, Wilco). The park was shining brightly this afternoon (the pavilion was filled for some sort of soul music ensemble) and the Lurie Garden was in full bloom.

I was a tourist in my own city for a brief span, and I was pleased to take a moment to appreciate what surrounds me every day. As I returned to the office, I was reminded of Radiohead's "The Tourist." Though I could not begin know what Thom Yorke was thinking when he wrote the song, I believe the lyrics are possibly meant to be a tourist's thoughts as he observes a city's workers marching stoically along, noses to grindstones, eyes planted firmly on the prize and not taking a mere second to appreciate their vibrant surroundings. The tourist's thoughts
pour out to the droned city residents; "Hey man, slow down, slow down, idiot, slow down, slow down. Hey man, slow down, slow down, idiot, slow down, slow down." Ok Thom, I promise to slow down...

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