Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven - Home Is Wherever I'm Wth You

Headed over to check on the new place (Lauren and I are in something called "escrow" on a condo in Wicker Park) and take some measurements. The workers are nearly done staining the hardwood floors, but they have a long way to go to get the entire space finished in the next month as they promised. We've been under contract now since early March and are more than eager to move in to our new home. Super-eager. Uber-eager. Mega-eager. Ben-Eager (Blackhawks joke, and a bad one (Eager is a big guy)). The Sellers have put this "SOLD" sign in the window, just to let all potential buyers know to not even think about this 3rd floor penthouse. It is ours... or will be... assuming we close this decade...

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  1. Great Picture. Congrats on the new place. Sorry won't be able to make this upcoming gathering, but I hope to see a choice picture from it!