Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day Twenty-Four - Park Ridge Community

Lauren and I were out in Park Ridge tonight, her home town, to visit with her parents, her sisters, and some additional family who were in from out of town. Took a little stroll uptown to check out the Park Ridge Community Church, where Lauren and I were married almost eleven months ago. On the way, foreboding clouds were rolling in above the picturesque suburban homes and lawns. Trees with young spring leaves swayed and shook in the hustling gust front winds. The tallest tree on the block had forgotten to yield a single leaf, but stood stalwart against the swiftly moving sky. It stuck out, so I took a photo.

I eventually made it uptown and captured this snap of the front of the PR Community Church, but the tree has stayed with me. I wonder if it is dead, or maybe just a late bloomer. I wonder what the tree's owner will decide if this giant has truly pushed forth its final leaf... I guess only time will tell. Tall leafless wonder, I'll be seeing you again...

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