Monday, May 3, 2010

Day Fourteen - Try Harder

So this makes two posts so far about street art in my neighborhood (and I must confess I've always been generally interested in street art and graffiti, especially when it is creative and thought provoking, See Banksy), but this one carries some real significance. The pictured location is mere steps away from where two young women were savagely attacked by a bat wielding gang member on April 23rd. That type of violent crime rarely occurs in Bucktown these days, but it serves as a reminder that Chicago is a city of nearly 3 million people, most of whom are great citizens, some of whom are real scumbags. This impromptu addition to the viaduct wall (unknown if this appeared before or after the attack) reminds us also, as community members, to try our best to do the right thing most of the time... or at least not to commit violent felonies.

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