Monday, May 31, 2010

Day Forty-One - Not Your Ordinary Pizza Party

Friends Doug and Andrea Marello had a pizza party last night. There were good friends, good cocktails, good beer, good wine, good cookies, and most of all, phenomenal pizza. Every pizza (there must have been at least 40) was expertly hand crafted by Doug right down to the homemade sauce and crust. Topping and flavor combinations were plentiful and all pies caused the party goers to sing the praises of the chef and the hostess. I'm convinced this is some of the best thin crust pizza I've ever had, and as my growing waistline will eloquently describe to you, I've had my share. For me, it's all about the crust. This crust was the perfect balance of thinness, taste and texture, crispy enough to stand up to the fresh and delectable toppings resting on top.

I have no doubts that Doug's pies are restaurant ready. He could sell these round masterpieces 365 days a year. There would be lines out his door. If Doug and Andrea ever turned this into a commercial venture, I'd be there once a week, waiting in line, chatting with the other salivating patrons about how I was there at the beginning, when the Marellos were churning these hot, crispy, savory, cheesy, herbaceous, meaty, and mouth-watering pizzas out of their home oven. Even the Noid would wait in line for this stuff. It is that good. This was definitely a pizza party like no other...

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