Monday, May 17, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight - Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports

As recently as the last MLB season, I used to lament the days that the Cubs had off. I'd actually be slightly bummed out knowing that the boys in blue wouldn't be trotting out onto the diamond on the North Side or some other park across the nation. This year, I've tried to remain a little less emotionally invested (but always aware, hoping, and rooting), especially early in the season. And as poorly as the Cubs have been performing so far this year, the off days are a break from the general frustration of being a Cubs fan.

These days I find myself wishing the Blackhawks played every day (though I know this is simply not physically possible) and I lament the days the Hawks have off. Over the course of the past two NHL seasons, this team has given 100% night in and night out
(last night being no exception) and my fandom now races at a fever pitch. A couple of fantastic nights at the UC this year have convinced me that hockey is, by far, the best spectator sport and the NHL-ers are some of the best athletes in the world. I now remember why, as a young fan, I turned on my radio (before I had a TV in my room) just loud enough (so that my parents would not know I was still awake) so that I could listen to those games during the west coast road trips and hear Larmer, Roenick, and Chelios skate late into the night.

I continued to follow hockey and the Hawks growing up, and developed a love for the sport (thanks in large part to NHL 95 for Sega Genesis and a neighborhood street hockey gang), but it has been the last two years and Chicago's ice hockey renaissance (thank you Rocky) that has elevated the frozen sport to a borderline obsession. I've started playing weekly and taking lessons at Johnny's Ice House (Hockey 102 starts in June). I'm addicted. I live for Tuesday night hockey. As soon as I step off the ice, I want back on. Pictured you have my hockey bag, holder of pads, socks, gloves, tape, skates, and a helmet; a smelly and awesome new addition to the apartment.

Go Hawks. Beat San Jose.

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