Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 159 - 9.24.10 - Todd to Texas

Friday night a group of 30 or so friends said "see you later" to the inimitable Todd Devlin Milligan, who has decided to take his talents to Austin, Texas, to pursue a career opportunity. While we are sad to see Todd leave Chicago, we are excited for him and applaud the courage he has exhibited by following his gut and making this difficult decision. For any who have met him, Todd is one of a kind. He will be missed dearly, but we know we will see him again someday soon on dancin' on 6th Street in Austin or creepin' on Division Street in Chicago. Todd is pictured above, inexplicably blowing a vuvuzela on a trolley last night. See you sooner, hopefully than later pal. Tear it up in Austin.

Day 158 - 9.23.10 - Pizza in a St. Louis Dive

A work related one day trip to St. Louis brought me (along with my gracious hosts, The Guymons) back to one of my favorite STL spots, a true dive with excellent pizza pies, the Black Thorn Pub. A hole in the wall if there ever was one, this gem is tucked away in a residential area of the Tower Grove neighborhood. The beer is cold, the pizza a hot (and spicy), shuffleboard is a must, and people affix dollar bills to the ceiling with thumb tacks (by folding quarters into the dollar and tossing the expensive customer crafted decor at said ceiling). You can't find a place like this anywhere else on Earth.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 157 - 9.22.10 - The Tallest Man On Earth @ River West

The Tallest Man on Earth put on a stellar show at the Park West on Wednesday night. Armed with one electric and one acoustic, Kristian Matsson expertly plucked and picked his guitar strings and howled his distinctive grisly voice to absolute perfection. It was a great Wednesday night.

Day 156 - 9.21.10 - Spotted! Mantis!

It is not every day one comes across a real live praying mantis in Chicago. Are you kidding me? I was pretty pumped to see this guy just chilling on the sidewalk. Unreal.

Day 155 - 9.20.10 - Pot Pie!

Lauren and I have vowed to take on and master the American culinary classics. This Monday, Lauren cranked out this lovely Chicken Pot Pie (or Chicken Pot Pan). We had our portions and it sure was comforting and delicious... Now if we only have 5 other dinner guests to finish the rest...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 154 - 9.19.10 - Fat Tire Memorial Bike Tour After Hours

In the wee hours of Sunday morning after the bike tour, things got interesting...

Day 153 - 9.18.10 - Fat Tire Memorial Bike Tour

9 riders. 8 bike helmets. 1 hockey helmet. 27 miles. 1 beautiful lake. 7 bars. 8 hours. 18 sore legs. 9 sore butts. Mission Accomplished...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 152 - 9.17.10 - Helmet Second Use

On Friday, Lauren and I traveled north to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Saturday, along with some friends, we will embark on the Fat Tire Memorial Bike Tour around the entirety of beautiful Lake Geneva. The ride, which raises college scholarship money for local students, is punctuated by several stops at the finer drinking establishments in the Lake Geneva area. Hence the conversion of my hockey helmet into a make shift bike helmet... Safety first.

Day 151 - 9.16.10 - Goodbye to The Cell

Thursday night, Lauren, Doug, Michelle, and I traveled to the South Side to say adios to the Sox for the season. The Twins completed a sweep of the South Siders, and in doing so, dashed any final hope the Sox had of catching the Twins to win the AL Central and make the playoffs. It was a classicly cool autumn evening and a great game filled with homers and bean balls. One last dog with grilled onions was consumed. Goodbye until next spring. It is football season... (and as I write this the Bears are 2-0!).

Day 150 - 9.15.10 - TREATS!

If you're a good boy, you get a treat. Ozzie devours a meat stick...

Day 149 - 9.14.10 - Around Home Again

Some coral purchased during our recent trip to the east coast has found a home in our living room...

Day 148 - 9.13.10 - Around Home

One of the many things I love about Lauren is that she likes to keep flowers around our home... The pictured blooms greeted me on the dining room table as I arrived home from work today...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 147 - 9.12.10 - Skeletal Siesta

On Sunday, we celebrated the birthday of Lauren's sister Beth. While dining at Estrella Negra on Fullerton, this fella watched over us...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 146 - 9.11.10 - The Bachelor (Part 2)

A little golf. A little dinner. Several bars. Multiple drinks. The Bachelor Party came and went with a solid bar crawl ending at our favorite Saturday Night haunt, Baby "Thug" Atlas, AKA the basement of Lakeview bar Matilda. A great time was had by all... we think...

Day 145 - 9.10.10 - The Bachelor (Part One)

Tonight, a bachelor party weekend begins. Pictured on the right you have my closest and oldest friend Doug (and our buddy TO Double D). Doug will wed his lovely fiance Michelle this November. This weekend we celebrate the end of his bachelorhood...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 144 - 9.9.10 - My Moon. My Man.

Again, Chicago produces art in the strangest of places. This astronaut with a Flavor Flav style clock popped up seemingly overnight...

Day 143 - 9.8.10 - Turn. Style.

Day 142 - 9.7.10 - Hang With Her

Robyn's new record Body Talk Pt. 2 was released today. I'm excited.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 141 - 9.6.10 - Six Feet Uunder @ Maple Meadows

Headed out to Addison today with long time good friend Doug and his brother Dan to hit the links at Maple Meadows. The golf was decent, the weather was blustery, and a good prep round was had by all (Saturday we'll have a go at the challenging Harborside International Golf Center for Part One of Doug's Bachelor Party). As we waited for the group ahead of us to clear the green, I spotted this lone tree that reminded me of the one that appears in the opening credits of Six Feet Under. Man, I miss that show...

Day 140 - 9.5.10 - Three @ Wrigley

Three brave souls (pictured at a post game watering hole) traveled to Wrigley Field on Sunday to say goodbye to the Cubs and Wrigley Field until next spring. The weather and the ambiance were unparalleled, but the quality of play on the field, sadly, conformed to reputation and fell short of expectation. Though the Cubs won the weekend series against the NY Mets, the North-Siders dropped this game 18 to 5. Typical...

Day 139 - 9.4.10 - Around Home (Plantlife II)

Good friends Tommy and Doug came over for dinner and drinks tonight. House guests mean fresh flowers (in part to block the cord that connects the TiVo to our television) and Lauren bought some outstanding thistle.

Day 138 - 9.3.10 - Around Home (Friday)

Friday is here. It is Labor Day weekend. Time to eat and drink...

Day 137 - 9.2.10 - M3

Sometimes work takes me to the most beautiful places... Today, the 3rd Municipal District in Rolling Meadows, Illinois... This courthouse is known affectionately around the office as M3 or Rolling Ghettos...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 136 - 9.1.10 - Around Home (Plantlife)

This guy is really doing well in our kitchen window...

Day 135 - 8.31.10 - Around Home (Morning Light)

Due to the self imposed Monday holiday stemming from Lou Fest and Jeff Tweedy Day (observed), Tuesday was my Monday. The back portion of our home is all windows and they face east, standing tall against the rising sun. Morning light pours in to our home and serves as a natural alarm clock... Happy Monday, even if it really is Tuesday... time to get to work...

Day 134 - 8.30 - Home Again

Today, a return from St. Louis. The closure of LouFest brings with it a likely end of the summer concert season. It was a great way to bring the season to an end. Festival concert hat (pictured) will likely be retired until next summer...