Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day Twelve - My Name is Ozziemandias, King of Kings

This is Ozzie. On his green throne. He runs the show at the apartment. After all, he's logged the most hours at the apartment by far. This is his domain and he rules with an iron paw. This, however, is his relaxed pose, front legs crossed, looking like a true gentleman...


  1. A true gentlemen and king of our tiny castle.

  2. I heard he and Brutus had a great play-date recently and are now bff's. Hopefully he can make the trip up north this summer. Also the title of this post just makes me imagine you taking him on a walk and as you clean up his poop Ozzie says, "Look on my work, ye mighty, and despair."

  3. With the name Ozzie he is one of my favorite creatures on earth. But does this mean that at the end of September you will be firing him from being your dog? He's having a real bad spring Darren, real bad.