Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Twenty-Three - The Cortland Corridor

This evening I got my hair cut in Lincoln Park, and decided to walk home to get a little exercise and look for photo opportunities. It has been unseasonably cool for the past few days, and tonight had the feel of an Autumn evening, save for the green on the trees. My walk took me along a stretch of Cortland Avenue that connects Lincoln Park with Bucktown, The Cortland Corridor as I call it. The Corridor begins at George's, a great gyro / hot dog joint at Cortland and Damen, and heads east to Cortland and Clybourn, ending at Mitchell's Original, a solid breakfast spot (with eggs that have two yolks! Whaa?).

This stretch also crosses the North Branch of the Chicago River. East of the river lies the North River Industrial Corridor, most of which is comprised of the A. Finkl & Sons steel company complex. Here you have two photos of the facility grounds. Often times, large warehouse doors remain open when fluorescent molten steel is being poured. Tonight, no such luck. A. Finkl & Sons also has massive steel hauling vehicles (straight out of the Alien films) that cross between the buildings on both sides of Cortland. Tonight, the behemoth autos were a no-show.

Additionally, on two separate occasions, I've been driving east on Cortland late in the evening and a portion of Cortland has been blocked by military vehicles and soldiers in the area of the A. Finkl & Sons complex. What's being done there on those late nights, I have no idea, and the men with the assault rifles want to keep it that way... Nonetheless, great photos are to be had on this stretch of The Cortland Corridor... Stay tuned...

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  1. Great commentary, Darren. Would love a shot of that molten steel : )