Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Sixty - 6.18.10 - A Stormy First Anniversary (Weather Only)

On Friday, Lauren and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and the evening literally got off to a stormy start. At about 5 PM, a major line of thunderstorms swept through downtown moments after arrival at the Affinia Hotel. The young trees fronting the lobby bent in the gusty winds, rain zipped horizontally down Superior Ave., lightning bolts illuminated the ominous skies, and thunder claps frightened the children of tourists. The worst of the storm passed, and we made our way to Table 52, the restaurant of Chicago chef Art Smith (former personal chef for Ms. Oprah Winfrey). The food was delicious, but a bit heavy, amplified perhaps by our order as we skipped the starters and opted for three of Mr. Smith's southern style sides. Accompanying our plates of short rib and a nicely roasted pork chop were fried pickles, onion ring beignets, and some of the finest mac and cheese you'll ever get in a Blue state (pictured with a glass of malbec). Sorry arteries...

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