Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day Forty-Seven - 6.5.10 - Elly's Breast Friends

Today, Lauren's sister Lindsay (front row, second from the right) and many of her friends from college began the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, in which these ladies, along with thousands of other women (and some men sprinkled in) will walk 40 miles in 2 days to raise awareness and ca$h for breast cancer research. The group was inspired by their good friend Elly (far right) who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has dominating the disease ever since. Together, this group raised around $25,000.

As Lauren and I waited at the mile 12 marker for the ladies, we saw many other groups walk by, all donning their own combination of pink clothes and accoutrement. One recurring theme embedded in the walk was that humor has a place in fighting cancer. I saw countless bras on top of shirts and numerous t-shirts emblazoned with witty slogans and mantras. Lindsay's group of friends dubbed themselves "Elly's Breast Friends." Pictured above you'll also see shirts that say "Save 2nd Base." The walkers exuded resilience, determination, levity, and a positive attitude (all reinforced and encouraged by this gentleman who was riding on top of a pink Ambulance that was blasting Whitney Houston).

++ As you'll see I've added the date to the title of this post (and will continue to do so) - This is just clarify that this photo was, in fact, taken on Saturday (Day 47), but not posted until Sunday (Day 48). We'll call it "the press of business" that prevented me from posting on the say day the picture was taken. I will naturally continue to take one photo per day, but occasionally will post the day after (if things get busy or my photo is taken and night and I don't get home until after midnight). Dig? ++

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