Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day Forty-Five - The Excitement of Al's

Attended an all day conference today on legal issues facing Not For Profit Corporations. All in all, the conference was interesting and informative, but not something I'd call exciting. In fact, excitement levels hit an all-day low when the catered lunch at the conference turned out to be trays and trays of pre-made sandwiches and wraps. I loathe pre-made sandwiches for multiple reasons, but most of all because there is a 99.99999% chance they already have mayonnaise or a mayonnaise based scuzzy sauce slathered on the bun. Nasty. And don't even get me started on wraps.

So I called a lunchtime audible and decided to walk around the area of the city where the conference was located (near the Kent College of Law on W. Adams) in an effort to find a more acceptable option. The very first place I found was the yellow-gold glowing beacon of light that is Al's Italian Beef. This place is a Chicago fixture, but until today, I've never tasted the succulent, au jus dipped, beefy sandwich (with hot giardiniera). It was incredible in every way and was the perfect amount of lunch-time excitement to get me through the rest of the conference. Thank you Al's.


  1. Darren:

    I see you also inherited the love of mayo on a sandwhich.