Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Fifty - 6.8.10 - Old Time Photography

In my experience, when it comes to family photos, there are two camps; 1) Keep them in the albums, or 2) Keep them on the walls. I grew up in an album family. The Bransens, who have kindly taken Lauren and me in during our transient phase, are a walls family. At various locations throughout the home on Stewart Ave., multiple family photos of myriad shapes, sizes, content, and time periods adorn the walls. As I walked upstairs in an effort to find Scooter, the family feline, I was struck by this photo of Grandma and Grandma Bransen, taken before they were even parents. Older photos have a very distinct look (almost like they were hand drawn by a skilled realist), and because of time's passage the look is just a little bit weathered, but still striking, visually distinct, and full of history. In today's age of quickly disposable digital snaps, it is rare that a simple portrait can seem so powerful... I'm a big fan of this photo (and I think that Grandma B kinda looks like Peggy from Mad Men (Season 3 Peggy, not Season 1 Peggy)).

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