Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Sixty-Nine - 6.27.10 - Mark Twain Golf Course

Having been ousted from the ECC Invitational Best Ball Tournament, Uncle Mike and I decided we would have a go at one more round, this time at the Mark Twain Golf Course. Elmira is rife with history relating to Mark Twain, as the celebrated American lecturer and author spent a number of summers in Elmira writing (he also married his wife, Olivia, in Elmira). My uncle even told me that my great grandfather used to watch Twain's donkey after the author would ride the donkey into town from his farm up on a hill above town. My great grandpa's fee in the 1870s, 1 penny.

The Mark Twain Golf Course is an original Donald Ross design. Mr. Ross is probably the most accomplished and famous designer of golf courses. The layout was challenging and utilized the natural terrain with an expert's touch. The greens were even more undulating than ECC, but much slower and thus easier to manage. It was a great way to end the week of golf, even if we would have rather been competing for the championship of the tourney for which this trip was made...

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  1. HI Darren:

    Too bad you did not get into the matches on Sunday PM when those valuable male genitals become the size of DelMonte green peas.

    Yours posts and pics bring back such great memories with JR. Everything about your trip is still so fresh in my mind, the putts and the 70+ guys from Elmira that shot their age.

    Karen and I did the Harris Hill glider rides - quite the experience - just don't do it after a night at the bar and a couple of late night meat sauce hotdogs (if they are still there).