Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 118 - 8.14.10 - A Crustacean Feast of Epic Porportions

Behold, the culinary subjects of the 18th Annual Klauder Crab Feast, hosted by my Aunt Nina and Cousin Ben in Rockville, Maryland. It was the final stop on our ultimate family vacation, and it was great to see the rest of my east coast relatives, including the aforementioned Ben and Nina, Ben's wife Mary, their one year old Helen (named after my maternal grandmother), my cousin Matthew, his wife Audrey, and their four boys, Alexander, William, Henry, and Benjamin (all under 5). The crabs kept the hands busy as the mouths helped family members catch up in between bites of one of the two things Maryland does best (the other being football, according to the writers of Wedding Crashers). I stuck to the claws that were cast aside by cousin Ben who claimed they were too much work for not enough payout. As someone who generally avoids seafood, the claws were just fine for me...

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