Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 112 - 8.8.10 - Bayside Ain't Just a Fictional High School in California

Bayside Resort Golf Course rests along the marshy edges of the Assawoman Bay (seriously) in Fenwick Island, Delaware. Blayne and I teed it up early in the morning and did our best to beat par on each of Jack Nicklaus' expertly designed holes. Jack bested us more often than not. Water, wetlands, traps, and forest awaited us on every hole. Landing areas were present, but narrowed and became more treacherous with distance. Wisely, the drivers stayed in the bag, and we attempted to stay on the short grass as much as possible. It was a beautiful round on a beautiful day, the kind of round that makes you want to grab a quick bite for lunch and knock out another eighteen holes... and go another 36 the next day.

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