Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 113 - 8.9.10 - Right Near the Beach

The beach. The Delaware beach. Our first state. Our first beach. The beaches of Delaware begin with dunes that roll up against the exquisite homes adjacent to the sand. Then a plateau of khaki brown sand, that is just gritty enough to feel, but not uncomfortable. Broken seashells and cool packed sand mark the previous high tides. As you approach the water, a 45% downward grade leads to the crashing waves that pound the beach. The two to four foot waves are modest, but relentless and sound larger than they really are. They rise and crash with impunity, all within a span of 25 feet or so from shore. Tugging rip currents challenge ocean waders, but they can be dealt with, for the most part, easily. Our first beach is not the most serene or the most beautiful in America, but it might be the most "classic." It certainly has the seagulls to prove it...

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