Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 167 (Part One) - 10.2.10 - Michael J. Johnson

On Saturday morning, in a house full of friends, I was the first to get up (as usual). I brushed my teeth and made some coffee. As I was about to pour some milk into my mug, a most horrible cacophony of noise filled the house. It was the unmistakable chorus of clashing metal and skidding tires. I ran from the kitchen, through the living room, and out on to the front porch. Much to my dismay, our Jeep was up on the sidewalk in front of Josh's home. A hundred yards west of the Jeep rest the car of St. Louis resident Michael J. Johnson, facing west, in the eastbound parking lane of Arsenal Street.

Apparently, Mr. Johnson suffered from several preexisting medical conditions, was feeling ill in the car, and became distracted. The Jeep was the sacrifice of his inattention. I never interacted with Mr. Johnson directly, as the neighbors seemed to have him covered. His Kia sedan was totally wrecked and he must have been cooking along well above the speed limit to move our Jeep at least 15 feet forward and up onto the sidewalk. Mr. Johnson refused transport to the hospital, so other than a shock and a totaled vehicle, I think he is okay.

The Jeep rests at a St. Louis auto body shop, and her fate rests in the good hands of the people at Allstate (Mr. Johnson's insurers). I don't know if I will ever see the Jeep again. I've driven it with regularity ever since my father passed away. I've logged over a hundred thousand miles with this vehicle. It will be dearly missed, but these things happen and it is a blessing that no one was hurt...

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