Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Seventy-Three - 7.1.10 - Taste Portions

At lunch today, I took a stroll in the beautiful weather to Grant Park and visited the Taste of Chicago. After a few minutes fighting through the crowds, I exchanged some cash for some tickets, and exchanged some tickets for some food. By far, the best bites were offered up by Kasia's Delicatessen. The potato pierogies were delicious buttery pillows of Polish perfection. As good as these pierogies were, they pale in comparison to the pierogies that my Grandma Helen used to churn out of her Ambridge, PA, kitchen. Nonetheless, they filled my pierogi craving until wintertime...

BLOG NOTE - Tomorrow I leave with Lauren and our friends, the Lorengers, for Burt Lake, Michigan, to celebrate the birth of our nation. "Up North" the interwebs are non-existent. I'll be taking photos, but posting will be delayed until Monday or Tuesday. Happy Independence Day. Be safe. Eat a hot dog, a burger, a brat, and a steak. Blow some stuff up.

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