Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Ninety-Eight - 7.26.10 - The Keys

In another inexplicably frustrating turn of events in the saga that is our condo and the condo purchasing process, the contractors who are finishing our punch list replaced the knob on one of our doors. They installed the new knob upside down, which for some reason caused Lauren's key not to work. Her key was a copy, mine was an original, and the original, for some reason, was not affected and still works. For the past few days, Lauren has been using the contractors' lock box to get access to their key so she can get into our condo.

So, knowing that the contractors would not fix the knob or make us a new key, I decided to be a good husband and buy Lauren a present, a copy of my working key. I spared no expense and ponied up for the deluxe Cubs key at the Ace Hardware. The only trouble is that Lauren was born, raised, and remains a Sox fan. She was less than thrilled with my gag gift... I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she switches her key for mine while I sleep. Until then, she carries the Cubs, and 100+ years of misery, with her everywhere she goes...

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