Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 159 - 9.24.10 - Todd to Texas

Friday night a group of 30 or so friends said "see you later" to the inimitable Todd Devlin Milligan, who has decided to take his talents to Austin, Texas, to pursue a career opportunity. While we are sad to see Todd leave Chicago, we are excited for him and applaud the courage he has exhibited by following his gut and making this difficult decision. For any who have met him, Todd is one of a kind. He will be missed dearly, but we know we will see him again someday soon on dancin' on 6th Street in Austin or creepin' on Division Street in Chicago. Todd is pictured above, inexplicably blowing a vuvuzela on a trolley last night. See you sooner, hopefully than later pal. Tear it up in Austin.

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