Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day Three - Oh, That's Arizona

In Arizona for the remainder of this week for the nuptials of a close friend. Many of our friends from college are already here in AZ, stretching out the weekend into a mini-vacation of sorts. Played golf today. Played well, and enjoyed it immensely... not only for the game, but for the unreal scenery in the Sonoran Foothills north of Phoenix. This place is like a different world, and could not contrast more with environment at home in Chicago. Snapped photos of a multitude of cacti... all different shapes, sizes, and colors... some with flowers, some without... and even some with prickly pears. This particular cactus caught my eye. It is starting a new arm, as I was told. Apparently some cacti grow only an inch or two each year. I wish this cactus good luck with his new project...

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